Op-Ed Contributor: The Formaldehyde in Your E-Cigs


These devices don’t just contain nicotine.


Devices to Quit Smoking Become the Devices Teenagers Can’t Quit


School and health officials struggling with a sudden influx of easily concealed e-cigarettes fear vaping is creating a new generation of nicotine addicts.

Tobacco mea culpa: companies to run ‘corrective statements’ on smoking


Tobacco companies have delayed correcting false statements for eleven years since a federal court ordered them to do so, and now will finally run ads. Eleven years after a federal court found tobacco companies conspired to deceive the American public, the companies will air television and newspapers ads to correct lies they told over the course of the 20th century. The “corrective statements” to be aired beginning 26 November are part of a 2006 judgment against tobacco companies, which found companies such as RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris broke anti-racketeering laws, lied about how cigarettes harmed health and denied their efforts to market cigarettes to children. Continue reading…